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Facebook’s Gut Punch

Facebook’s Gut Punch Looking at the internal impact of a total network failure In case you hadn’t heard, Facebook went down. And of course, when someone says, “Facebook went down,” it covers much more than Instagram, Oculus, and WhatsApp, all part of the global Facebook system, tend to suffer the same fate as their

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Data vs Damage: Comparing Threats and Risks Between IT and OT

Any company that wants to maintain a competitive edge in today’s global economy needs to work faster, cheaper, longer, and more precisely than ever before. In the wake of a pandemic that ran employees out of the office for over a year, the workforce has evolved dramatically. From one which previously relied primarily on remote

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Web Hacking with Burp Suite (Part 3: The Power of a Proxy)

Welcome to Part 3 of the Burp Suite tutorial series – where you learn to use one of the most powerful tools in web application pentesting effectively and efficiently. This is a pretty exciting edition of the series because, unlike Part 1 and Part2, you are finally going to start doing some manual manipulation of

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Web Hacking with Burp Suite (Part 2: Scope, Spider, and Scan)

So you made it through Part 1? Congrats on your success – that was the most boring part. Now it’s time to hit the web and hack some apps. But where do we start? Well, I don’t recommend hitting the open information highway and testing whatever you see. That might cause some problems for you. Thankfully,

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A Beginner’s Guide to Web App Pentesting: Burp Suite (Part 1)

When it comes to hacking web applications, the possibilities are endless because the technologies to build them come in nearly unlimited flavors and stacks. These days you can run any combination of front and backend codebase, with any storage database you want, in the cloud or on site, behind a firewall or VPN, on a

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