About Open Security

We’re a group of cybersecurity vets who are so enthused about cybersecurity that we formed a company to provide our services to people who need us.  

You’ll never hear “choose us” the first time you call. We’re too busy making cybersecurity plain and understandable to waste your time watching us hand-wave.

Instead, we listen, ask questions, and give you our best recommendation for your best next step. And if you’re like most people, you’ll choose us after we talk.  

Our services harden and test your defenses against cyber attacks, but with a difference. We work to be an extension of your company’s security program and expertise. We’ll tailor reports, get on phone calls, and help if you need  a third-party to help you explain things. 

Our clients will tell you – we don’t stop your project until you agree we’re done.  Because we believe cybersecurity means support…our client is our  partner, not just a box we check off.