Attack Simulation

Validate your people, processes, and technology by having our offensive experts probe and attack your networks and systems. During network and application penetration testing, our engineers look for flaws that attackers could exploit to gain unauthorized access or otherwise cause harm to your organization. When it’s time to focus on providing your defenders with a training opportunity, our advanced attack simulation services can help. We start by building out an attack plan with real-world objectives in mind based on known adversary goals and capabilities. Our offensive personnel execute the mission to see how your organization responds.

Using current and expert adversary techniques, we identify vulnerabilities across your entire network in cooperation with your security team. This broad-spectrum engagement aims for full coverage of the potential attack surface. By the end of the engagement, our team will identify common trends and weaknesses in the network that will allow your team to solve common issues in an efficient and prioritized manner.

Not for the unprepared, this engagement will test your defenses to their maximum limit. Our team will carry out a coordinated attack scenario with the ultimate goal of compromising the most important parts of your information environment. Our operators will go head to head with your Security Operations Center and test their ability to detect, isolate, and eliminate threats in real time. When the engagement is over, more than your defenses will have been tested, your team's processes will be improved.

Your users deserve the best when it comes to protecting their data. Software applications, whether on the web or the desktop, are under constant attack. We deep dive into your applications to address potential risks, ensuring those vulnerabilities are hardened against both common and advanced threats. We’ll find your application’s weaknesses before a cyber criminal does, helping to protect your users’ data.

Risk Mitigation

Identify and minimize your risk by having our security experts analyze your IT environment. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, our staff can help you better understand your organization’s real risk based on your current IT deployment strategy. Vulnerability Assessments and Audits of your environment, combined with our up-to-date knowledge of Threat Actors and various compliance requirements, allow us to frame risks in realistic terms. Connecting this with an understanding of each organization’s unique concerns allows for the discussion to focus on business impact, enabling our customers to make more impactful decisions.

The safest environments are built on a strong foundation. But small companies may not have the resources or time to dedicate to this upkeep. A non-intrusive Vulnerability Assessment from our team provides insight that enables you to strengthen your security posture by identifying the most vulnerable areas for your organization to prioritize and achieve the greatest positive impacts.

Third-party confirmation is crucial in gaining and maintaining compliance regardless of the industry your company works in. Let us help you meet that requirement with simple, timely, and practical compliance testing that goes beyond automated scans and addresses the most pressing concerns for your team. In the end, you won't just be compliant. You'll be measurably more secure.

Companies are moving their infrastructure off-site more and more, and providers are creating more and more service offerings every day. As complexity grows, these environments are ripe with opportunities for mistakes, opening your infrastructure to attacks in brand new ways. Our cloud infrastructure audits ensure your team hasn't missed critical configuration settings and will provide solutions to help create cloud systems that are secure by default.

Cybersecurity Strategy

Cybersecurity is a complex and often confusing topic, but we’re here to help. Whether your organization is formalizing its first set of policies or has years of experience, our Cybersecurity Strategy services can help bring your plans to the next level. Identify areas for maturity through policy review and tabletop exercises and accelerate your technical staff’s capabilities through hands-on training. Ensuring sane and practical policies is crucial in building out a capable and resilient security organization.

A security team can't operate without proper guidance. As your company grows, your policies and procedures must be sensible, scalable, and applicable. We'll use our years of experience to guide the development of a robust security program that will maintain its relevance and effectiveness even as the threat environment changes. When it comes to leading a security operation, guessing is not just wrong; it's costly. Our team will help you do it right.

Plans are only as useful as your team's ability to execute them, and most plans do little more than gather dust until it’s too late. Using our tabletop program, your leadership and operators will work together through scenarios based on real-world events and gain experience through repetition of the plans YOU developed. By the end of the exercise, your teams will identify their weaknesses and work to address them through after-action reports.

The security landscape changes rapidly, and a team that isn't learning will be left behind. Our training and education services teach the latest tools, techniques, and procedures to tip the fight in your favor. Our curriculum is based on dozens of years of experience but customized to your needs. Get in touch with us to develop the training your users, employees, and staff need in their desired format.

We can help your pre-existing leadership guarantee that information assets and technology are sufficiently safeguarded by providing on-demand senior-level experience within your business. To decrease information and information technology (IT) risks, our team assists your employees in designing, implementing, and maintaining procedures and architectures throughout the company. Establishing proper standards and controls, managing security technologies, preparing for incident responses, and leading the design and execution of policies and procedures are all things we can help with.